1er Mai : Fête du travail : « Nous célébrons le la fête du Travail »

1er Mai : Fête du travail : « Nous célébrons le la fête du Travail »

"May 1st is an opportunity to reinforce the importance of men and women in the trajectory that we are taking at Ro&Partners. It is a day to highlight the contribution of each member of the team, men and women, in the success of our projects. It's a time for the entire Ro&Partners team to come together to remember that we are in this together." Rokhaya Ndiaye, Founder Ro&P

Known as International Workers' Day around the world, Labor Day is celebrated on May 1st each year in Senegal.

Fervent defender of workers' rights, attentive to the concerns of its team and concerned with creating a healthy and rewarding work environment, Ro&Partners takes advantage of this day to pay tribute to all its collaborators.

This is an opportunity for Ro&P's General Manager to thank the members of her team and to congratulate them for their past, current and future achievements. This day is an opportunity to exchange as usual with the team.

Labor Day is an important moment at Ro&Partners and the whole team met at the end of the day to exchange and share a moment of conviviality. Discussions, meals and music punctuated this moment of exchange and commemoration of an important holiday for all workers.