Audit & Diagnosis


Our HR diagnosis services will result in an inventory of the social situation of your company draw corrective lessons and reveal the necessary adjustments for the future and/or reinforce the choices of management. It aims to provide a clear vision of the strengths and weaknesses of human capital management within the organization. 

Our audit services will result in the design of a governance framework based on the assessment of compliance for your organization with applicable authorities. The audit will measure and report on areas to strengthen to improve the overall social and ethical performance. This will result in efficiency and effectiveness against regulations.

Strategic and Operational HR

The HR operations and strategy are a cornerstone of the larger business priorities. We advise our clients on the creation of a people-centric HR strategy that corresponds with business goals as well as the organization’s employee value proposition (EVP). We also support the development of a framework to operationalize the HR strategy to raise the impact and performance of the HR function while also improving employee engagement.


Talent Management


Organizations that invest in managing their talent throughout their tenure see better employee engagement and higher retention rates. Our talent management services analyze the recruitment, onboarding, career development, learning, and offboarding policies and process in line with your real needs. We have expertise in process design and mapping, as well as the implementation of global and local policy. We will support the definition of an employee journey throughout the lifecycle to strengthen the employer brand and value proposition.
We also advise on ongoing organizational transformation and change management.

HR Information Systems (HRIS)

Taking into account current opportunities to leverage technology and innovative programs, Ro&Partners provides services to aid organizations in digitizing and automating HR processes. We have expertise in developing specifications for HRIS and implementing new programs and partnerships for areas including payroll, HR dashboards, performance management, and recruitment/Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).